Sustainably Queer - On Hiatus

Hello everyone! It's been an interesting summer for us! As you may have noticed, if you were a constant reader or a casual observer of date stamps, that our blogging has dropped off in recent months. We are officially on hiatus. We are still very sustainable and very queer. However, a rash of personal circumstances have caused us to be less available for spending time with Sustainably Queer this season. On Hiatus Post

Don't worry though! We have every intention of continuing to create content in some  way, shape or form when the seas calm down. We've even been tossing around the idea of a podcast! [Update: We did it! You can catch up on our podcast, The Joy Patrol Show, on our show website, iTunes, and Stitcher!]

Until then, you can follow us on our personal Instagrams - @kristlyuen and @schipmoney - to see what we've been up to lately (and find pictures of our pets because that's what Instagram is for, right?). If you want to get in touch, you can always reach us at